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Whole Body Regeneration - Extremely Powerful Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing - Meditation

Headphones are recommended but not required. Low quality speakers may not clearly resonate these frequencies. If this is the case, use your headphones.

Carrier frequency: 108 Hz

Modulation frequencies: 9.6 Hz, 7.83 Hz, 4.5 Hz, 3.5 Hz, 3.14159265359 Hz, 3 Hz, 2.71828182846 Hz, 1.61803398875 Hz, 1.5 Hz, 1 Hz, 0.5 Hz

Some of the benefits are as follows:

- Deeply stimulates the Corpus Callosum
- Stimulates the Cerebral Cortex resulting in improved cognition
- Repeatedly stimulates neurons
- Stimulates the pineal gland
- To enable some developmental genes and disable some maturation genes
- To help induce deep meditation
- To help release energy blockages
- To help reduce cortisol, anxiety and balance moods
- To stimulate production of stem cells

This meditation guides you through alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states, here is more information about these waves:

Delta Waves:

Delta waves are the slowest of all and range between 0 - 4 Hz. We experience these waves naturally when we are in the deepest of sleep or meditative states. These waves stimulate healing and regeneration and as a result are vital in the maintenance of health and psychological well being. This is the state of sleep that makes individuals feel well rested, and clear-headed. It is reported that these brain waves are an ideal choice to access your subconscious for deep reprogramming and for the surfacing of the unconscious.

Theta Waves:

Theta waves are faster than Delta waves, and range between 4 - 8 Hz. We experience these waves when sleeping or during deep meditation. These waves are the "twilight" state normally experienced between waking and falling asleep. They are beneficial for meditation, learning, memory, sub-conscious organization, intuitive thinking and trance states. It induces a feeling of a "dream like" state.

Alpha Waves:

Alpha waves are faster than Theta waves, and range between 8 - 12 Hz. We experience these waves in meditative states or wakefulness. These waves promote a presence of mind, clarity, creativity, and stress reduction. It is a resting state for the brain and aids mental coordination, mind/body integration and the learning process. Many report this as an especially pleasurable state of mind.

Those who want to be healthy should practice healthy living. This means adequate hydration and nutrition, hygiene, and rest.

Frequencies used:

108 is known as a master number. It is significant in measurements of time and space, and it has significant relevance in ancient texts and holy books. In addition to this it is reported to be sacred in many religions, traditions and yoga. There is far too many ideas to note about this number.

- 9.6 Hz - DNA Repair (supported by NASA research), alpha wave

- 7.83 Hz - Earth's fundamental electromagnetic frequency, theta/alpha wave

- 4.5 Hz - Tibetan chant rate, theta wave

- 3.5 Hz - Whole body healing rate, theta wave

- 3.14159265359 Hz - Mathematical constant π (Pi), delta wave

- 3 HZ - Deep meditation, improved healing rate, delta wave

- 2.71828182846 Hz - Mathematical constant e (Euler's Number), delta wave

- 1.61803398875 Hz - Mathematical constant Φ (Golden Ratio/Phi), delta wave

- 1.5 Hz - Abraham's Universal Healing Rate (for those with chronic illness, fatigue), delta wave

- 1 Hz - Measurement for a second in time, delta wave

- 0.5 Hz - Pineal gland stimulation, cortisol reduction, deep meditation, out of body experiences, delta wave