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How To Setup Windows 7 On Your Computer | Bangla Tutorial

একই ভাবে #Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 দেয়া যাবে।
Installing Windows 7
You need to have at least 10GB to install. Check the properties of the C Drive to make sure you have enough space before you begin.
To install Windows 7:
1. Place the DVD with the burned IMG file on it into the DVD drive. Alternatively, if your image has been burned to a USB device, the following instructions also apply.
2. Restart your computer.
3. During the booting process, press the appropriate button to view the boot menu. This will be different for every computer.
4. Select the boot device in which your Windows software is on i.e., DVD or USB device.
5. When the monitor displays “Press any key to boot off CD”, press any key on the keyboard.
1. The Install Windows window is displayed. Click the arrow beside Install now.
2. On the Get important updates for installation window, select Goonline….
3. Click the I accept the license terms check box.
4. Click the Nextbutton.
Note: Because you have a Windows version that is not eligible for upgrade, you will need to do a custom installation.
5. Click Custom(advanced).
Note: You must have at least 10GB of space available to do a custom installation of Windows 7.
6. Click Disk0 Partition 1(C:).
7. Click the Next button. The Install Windows program displays a warning that previous Windows programs may not be accessible.
8. Click the OK button. The Installing Windows window is displayed.
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